Airborne LiDAR Mapping

Airborne Laser Mapping


A picture, they say, speaks a thousand words. A movie, well, who knows, millions? TII provides for its clients, unsurpassable photorealistic Computer Generated Imaging (CGI), that allows you or your clients to present the project in an authentic manner. The data can be used early in the project's life cycle for planning and marketing strategies.


Make the most out of your data by taking advantage of one or all of the following: 

Topographic Imaging Inc Services - Visualization

Photorealistic representation of projects yet to have broken ground can have enormous value. From high-resolution individual images and movies to before and after representations of any land based project. The value of our LiDAR data sets goes beyond Engineering into Investor Relations and Marketing.

  • Planning Approval Support
  • Investment Credibility Enhancement 
  • Marketing Support

    The movies below were created from our LiDAR data sets and CAD files from the course/landscape designer. Ground had not yet been broken on the project.

  • Topographic Imaging Inc Services - Visualization

    TII can handle all of your visualization needs. Our professionals can add clarity and sizzle to every aspect of your presentation needs including:

  • Computer Presentations 
  • Graph and Chart enhancements 
  • 2D Animation enhancement

  • Website elements

  • DVD and CD delivery

  • Presentation Design and Development

  • Marketing Support


  • Topographic Imaging Inc Services - Visualization

    TII along with its partners has developed the next generation of Topographic Model. Gone are the costly reworks after development changes. Gone are the long waits for reworks. The surface of the model is coated with a special reflective surface which enables use in normal daylight.  The imaging is provided by HI-Def projection from above and can incorporate animation and movies. The entire model is fully interactive which makes it a world first.

  • Operates like a giant computer screen 
  • Simple to operate with a mouse
  • Formatted or Real-Time presentations

  • Embed your existing promotional Movies

  • Projection data updates via the internet 

  • Size almost unlimited

  • A serious bang for your buck.